Signs That He Cares About You

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There is a phase in every girl’s life cycle where she is attracted towards someone of the opposite sex. The love and attraction that you feel towards a person of an opposite sex in your teens is puppy love. The puppy love is a phase where your love is often unrequited and you feel rejected. Eventually, you grow out of this phase to be an adult. As an adult you would understand the signs that "he" really cares about you. It need not be love at first sight. However, down the lane, you would have a gut feeling that he is attracted towards you. Is it the feelers and signs he keeps sending your way that he cares about you?

Signs That He Cares About You

Always remember men are not good in expressing their feelings. They may not voice the words "I love you" or " I am attracted to you". Instead, they are more likely to send cues that they care about you. It is up to you to decide whether to carry forward the relationship by reading these cues. Here are a few sure-signs that he cares about you and is serious about the relationship.

If he is your colleague at workplace or one of your acquaintances, the sure-sign that he cares about you is when he maintains an eye contact while conversing. If he feels attracted towards you, you can see his face brightening up as soon as he sees you. For instance, if he were in conversation with someone, as soon as he notices you, he would excuse himself and come towards you. This is the first sign that he cares about you and wants to spend time with you.

There are good moments and bad moments in every woman’s life. He offers to listen patiently when you pour out your troubles and problems without offering any advice. Is it not a sure sign that he cares about you? He seems to be a good listener and you now know whom to turn to when you want to pour out your worries.

On a busy day, when he comes online on your messenger, he understands that you are held up with work and would not be able to chat at that moment. He may leave a message such as " catch you later" or "take care". Anyone who could read these signs would be sure that this person understands and cares about you.

Out of the blue, he calls up to tell that he wants to take you out for dinner, would you not be surprised and also thrilled at heart? Your heart beats fast and your palm sweats. The thrill and the excitement would reflect on your face and you would be grinning. You would be immediately thinking what to wear for the "big night". This is again a sign that he cares about you.

In spite of his busy schedule, he makes it a point to phone you at least once a day. He would want to know about all the important incidents of the day. If this phone call becomes habitual, it is sign that he is concerned about you and cares for you. Gradually, you would also start to anticipate his calls. This is apparently a sure-sign that he is nurturing the relationship.

One of the biggest and most important signs that he cares and is serious about you is when he invites you to his family gathering. He would want to introduce you to his immediate family and friends. What more do you want?

These are just a few of the sure signs that he cares for you and wants you to reciprocate the feelings. A man may send many indications your way to say that he cares and it is up to you to understand and interpret the signs. There are times when he may not agree with you on certain things, but he is there for you when you are in trouble. He may send you small gifts such a bunch of flowers or a card, buy you an ice-cream or take you out for a movie and so on. All these are signs that he cares about you.

By Maya Pillai

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